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 As an international company, we aim to be open and transparent in all that we do.

Performance Key

2014 performance

Future objective

2015 targets


Our content

More than doubled the number of articles which we publish under open access schemes. Be a leading open access publisher in all research areas.  Double the number of articles which we publish under open access schemes.
Increased the number of registered users from emerging regions of Taylor & Francis’ STAR (Special terms for Authors and Researchers) Programme by 29% to 5,400 users. Develop the potential of authors in new and emerging markets.  Increase the number of articles accepted from emerging regions by 9% to 16,500.
Launched Routledge Sustainability Hub, a comprehensive online knowledge centre for the global sustainability community.  

Our people

Launched Invent, an event bringing together 50 of Informa’s leaders and future leaders from our Global Exhibitions and Knowledge & Networking Divisions to generate innovative new business ideas.

385 out of a total potential 420 managers within T&F have now taken part in their Global Development Programme, a leadership course based on individual capability assessments.

We plan to launch similar initiatives across other Divisions in 2015.
Operate a Global Management Development Programme in all of our operating Divisions by the end of 2017 which will also support the identification and development of high potential colleagues. Further to the success of the Academic Publishing Management Development Programme, launch another similar programme within one further Division.
Informa’s graduate fellowship scheme launched. Graduates will work across all five of our Divisions including a 12 week international placement. Be a leader in H&S performance at large-scale events and exhibitions. Launch Group-wide H&S policies and reporting framework.
All UK HR Managers trained on ‘Mental Health at Work’. For 2017, have two Graduate Fellowship Scheme intakes commencing within the same year, reinforcing our commitment to develop new future leaders within our business. See the first intake of graduates on Informa’s Graduate Fellowship Scheme.
Programme to measure employee diversity beyond gender not launched but set to do so in 2015. Run Diversity & Inclusion initiatives across the Group from 2016 to either support alignment of disproportionate representation or raise general awareness both internally and externally to ensure we attract, maintain and develop a diverse talent pool. Improve transparency and data gathering beyond gender through establishing a working party with global representation to sensitively gather relevant data and identify key future initiatives.

Our environment

“10 by 10” – our top 10 offices are on track to exceed our target of reducing their emissions by 10% by the end of 2015. Achieve year on year reductions in absolute GHG emissions arising from office energy use. 2014 target retained – our top 10 offices to reduce their GHG emissions by 10%, from a 2013 base year, by the end of 2015.
Carrying out a research project with the wider sector to better understand the environmental impacts of our digital channels has been postponed to 2015. Understand our digital environmental impacts. 2014 target retained – Carry out research with the wider sector to understand the environmental impacts of our digital channels.
By the end of 2017, ensure that at least 70% of the waste produced at our major exhibitions is recycled. Set and implement waste minimisation strategies for 5 major exhibitions.

Our community

Our staff volunteering has increased from 7% in 2013 to 11% in 2014. Develop a group wide strategic community programme that is well recognised and supported both internally and externally. Launch a cohesive community programme across our Divisions.
Work on the socio-economic impacts of our events continued in 2014. Maximise the socioeconomic footprint of our major events. Develop a guidance template for our events business on how to maximise positive community impacts.